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The Black Secret

What am about to say here may seem a story but, real facts and I tried them they worked for me why not you?

Christianity started with Christ meaning Christ-like, but there has been religion before Christ. The Bible was inspired by  God, written by men, but believe me several pages were omitted by the then priests and scribes saying they are meant for high priests, kings and wise-men by these verses they govern and rule their loyal. Take as instance if you are wealthier and wiser than your village king he cant rule you, is it not true? They omitted many other books they just tell you Moses turned a staff into a snake, he taped a staff on the red sea and there was road without revealing to the readers of that same Bible what Moses said(incantations or invocations). Wake up if you have been sleeping please dont be deceived so long wipe off that dust from your eyes. 

Why The Black Secret?

As you can see, no one has died and came back to tell us how hell or heaven is,if not Christ in that same Bible. Have you seen closely what I mean? This world was created with just words from God "let there be this or that" except man. He God also said "come let us create man in our own image" also took time to create, made lively with his breath. Can you see from these words that we are God's image and can create wealth, love, health, life and power with words like God did if we know how to go about it, the right words, time and why which we don't know. I discovered these secrets which made me comfortable yet no side effect. Are you ready to know what God revealed to Solomon when he only asked of wisdom but was blessed with wealth and wisdom which has been reserved for KINGS and KNIGHTS also omitted in the Bible. This is a big secret many men lost their heads upon revealing ordinarily in the past, this I have here to give to you THE BLACK SECRET. Pave your way to the top dont follow others and say a particular food or belief is bad if you have not experienced it.
Many people condemn certain things just that others do. Get this book and wave good bye to poverty and failure forever.  

The Black Secret Book will do the below listed things for the user:-

Be invisible at will, hear and speak many languages even hear animals talk, Make people love you, 
Cast potent and fast spells,
make money appear at will,
Form over 1000 Strong Talisman,
win court cases,
Promotion at work,
Bullet proof,
make the barren unbarred,
open padlocks without keys,
be protected from every evil attack infact,
you don't need a body guard if this books is in you house.
See the future and divine into someone's past and present life (pendulum, therefore knowing good friends and bad ones,
Cure many deadly diseases,
enlarge your penis or breast,
man or woman power
 loose weight or add weight,enchant any body to love you

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How Can I get This Book?

You can get this book via online download here through Pay Pal, Liberty Reserve. Alert Pay, Master Card or VISA. Simply send in your payment option to: blackraven@ymail.com or you call on the below GSM Number. Remember no side effect or shortening of life is involved at all. I just advice all that want to make it big to have this special book then see what happens in just 10mins. I mean 10 minutes,only N6,500.00 till ending of this month, after which flat rate of N18,000.00.

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